What are the benefits of using a travel agent?

benefits of using a travel agent

The internet is a great tool for searching new destinations, travel deals, and packages, but these will never replace the knowledge, experience and relationships that a travel agency can provide. If you trip is not carefully planned the consequences can be chaotic.

Business trips can be stressful, especially when meeting with key clients or closing a deal, not to mention the stress of making travel arrangements and worrying about the hotel booking, transportation and finding good restaurants for your meeting. In this typical scenario, a travel agent’s role is to ease their client’s stress and find the best alternatives to make the best of their business trip.  

Many, in order to save a few dollars, choose to take on the task of booking all the elements of  a business trip on their own without taking into account the risks they’re exposing themselves to, like the loss of money when for some reason, you can’t make the trip.

Among the most important benefits of using the services of a travel agent, is the ability of these professionals to plan a business trip tailored to each client. Travel agents will take care of any inconveniences that could arise from a business trip, work under a budget and help you get the most out of your time.

Travel agents have the information first hand about many destinations and can give recommendations on hotels, restaurants and places to visit.

At Areas Travel these are just a few of the special things we do for our clients:

Help with sold out flight or hotels.
Last minute changes, and cancellations
Prepaid hotels
Organize meetings
Airport concierge when necessary for famous artists
Vip Treatment for the high level executives; Upgrades, online check in, room amenities
Dedicated agent on call 24/7

You can count on us to manage all your corporate travel needs while offering the best service and value. From A to Z, our dedicated account executives have the latest technology for flexible and customizable travel solutions, including trip disruption, duty-of-care and traveler tracking.

Contact us today for your next business trip at www.areastravel.com

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