The World’s Most Visited Destinations This Year

Most Visited Destinations

According to Mastercard Index of Global Destination Cities, Bangkok ranks number 1 this year as the most visited city in the world with 20.2 million international visitors. Offering culture, cuisine, architecture, and history, the Thai capital has a unique set of characteristics that are irresistible to any tourist itching to see the world. As the largest and most developed city in Thailand, Bangkok manages to maintain its historical architecture and traditions dating back hundreds of years while keeping it modern and interesting with chaos, freedom, beauty, and adventure.

Cheerio, mate! London,

The English capital comes a close second with over 20 million visitors. From the Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, it’s no surprise that so many people would jump on a red double-decker bus to see some of the most recognisable sights in the world from its top deck. While visiting London, it is also essential to experience the nightlife. Londoners are known to party hard, why not join them? There’s everything any night owl could possibly want in the capital, from classic pubs, to chic clubs, and quirky dive bars.

J’adore Paris

With 16.1 millions international visitors, the “love capital” of the world ranks third in the list of most visited cities in the world. For many, it’s not really a question of why visit Paris, rather why would you not. First and foremost, you will eat like have never eaten before. For the French, food is a joy to be savored three times a day. From fresh baked croissants on the sun-kissed terrace to the traditional croque monsieur in a traditional Parisian bistro, French know how eat.

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