Do Travel Agencies Help Corporations Save Time and Money?

Do Travel Agencies Help Corporations Save Time and Money?

The answer is YES

How you might ask? Well, there are several benefits of working with a travel agency, and two of the most essential reasons are that they save businesses time and money.

Most businesses shy away from using a travel agency due to their fear of extra costs, but travel agencies make the majority of their money from commissions earned by airlines, hotels, car services, etc.

 They charge per booking, if you don’t book, there is no fee!

The fees charged per booking are usually minimal, and the amount of money they save you surpasses the marginal fee. They are experts in monitoring flights for the cheapest fares. This is time consuming, and time that you don’t have to waste!

Some agencies also offer management services such as expense reporting and travel policy review which is more cost effective than hiring a full-time employee to handle the companies travel needs.

They have access to tools that average consumers don’t or have no idea about!

Travel agents can help clients with room upgrades, plan activities, add-on amenities, help score perks and have the tools to locate cheaper alternatives. In addition, they take time to speak with vendors to get out of any cancellation fees in case of any urgent requests that consumers just don’t have the time or experience to solve quickly and effectively.

They save you from mistakes!

As experts in the travel industry, agents are aware of any visa requirements, custom procedures and assure clients that their trip goes as smoothly as possible.

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