What to carry in your luggage during a business trip

business trip

Making a suitcase has as a prerequisite to know the destination and purpose of the trip. From this premise you can start planning. The suitcase must contain everything necessary to cover all or most of your needs during your stay away from home. It is not a matter of putting more or less things, but only what is necessary.

For many executives, work trips tend to be a constant in their routines. That’s why we’ll show you what to carry in a business baggage.

Hand luggage

  1. Documentation

It is essential to have a quick access to the tickets, passport, personal identification, travel insurance, credit and debit cards, information about the stay, person who will be waiting at the airport or terminal, taxi company or remises trust, reservation data, address of the accommodation, appointment schedule and activities, among others.

  1. Contact list

A detail of names and surnames, telephones, email and offices of people with whom you are going to interact are vital.

Job material

  1. Tech objects

Computer, tablet and cell phone, along with its accessories (wall chargers and wireless, memory sticks, batteries, headphones, adapters) are a must.

  1. Portfolio

It is an item that can not be missed in a business trip of a manager. Here come papers, pens, personal and customer cards, and everything related to the consultation and data material of the company in question.

Personal luggage

  1. Bag

It holds all personal hygiene items and toiletries that make you look good. A suitable image is one of the ingredients of the recipe for success and positions the personal branding in a high place.

At Areas Travel we will always give you the necessary advice to make your trip a success.



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